Our story 

Established in 2016, we uphold the beauty of good design and craftsmanship. Our pottery isn't just about what you hold in your hands; it's about the connection it fosters, the stories it tells, and the joy it brings to everyday moments. It represents a commitment to genuine expression and mindful creation. 

 Meet the Founder

 After a 20-year stint teaching French at the Alliance Française, Devika got a five-year break in China, where she got front-row seats to the world of ceramics - including the history, techniques, and traditions followed by artisans today. 

She then began curating ceramic products she felt a strong emotional pull towards - products that were conversation starters, that highlighted the beauty of the food they held, that carried a story behind their creation. The collections grew, as she hoped to create a space for dialogues, initiatives, workshops and entrepreneurship around ceramicware. 

A product of this project was a small collection of tableware - the Farmhouse Collection - inspired by the ease of al fresco dining, and a study of colours, textures and forms that focus on the experience of dining. 

Thus, LivingClay was born. 

Today, Devika hopes to build LivingClay into a platform for deeper interaction between craftsmen, artists, and those who simply derive joy from ceramicware.