At LivingClay we believe in good design and craftsmanship and creating simple relatable products that stand the test of time - aesthetically and functionally.
These convictions define our style and products that spell joy and happiness for all those who have given them a place on their tables.
After 20 years of teaching French at the Alliance Francaise, a break in China for 5 years gave Devika Kulkarni, founder of LivingClay, a peek into the world of ceramics from close - the history of the craft, techniques and traditional processes that artisans follow. 
And she began curating products with the idea of establishing a space of her own for dialogues, initiatives, workshops and entrepreneurship around ceramics.
And in 2016, it took the form of LivingClay with a small collection of thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted tableware. 
Today, the vision hasn't changed and Devika still hopes to build LivingClay as a platform for deeper interaction between experts , connoisseurs and passionate users of ceramics.