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Join our pursuit of thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted ceramic ware.We believe that beauty sparks joy and infuse happiness in everyday moments. And that is our purpose at LivingClay as well - to bring beautiful tableware to dining and create moments of joy and happiness for every home lover.


Ceramics, table decor, sustainability, living, food and many other subjects that interest us in our journey.



We are great believers in home cooked food. Here are some of our favourite recipes that you might want to try out. Happy cooking!





Neera-vari - a garden collection in terracotta

Serve pani puris with ease

Thank you for those words

Our kitchen would not be complete without our LivingClay juicer. In a house that does not function without fresh fruit and juices, this is our favourite buy so far and the best part is that it is handmade. When we broke our first piece we had, there was not even a second thought about replacing it with the same one.

Pallavi Jayprakash, Bangalore

I was amazed to see Devika's passion for pottery. So when I found out about her store, I knew my search for timeless, minimal and great quality ceramics was over. Since then I have been an ardent fan of all her work. The citrus juicer is one of my favourites and it made a great parting gift for my flat mate too. She goes the extra mile to customize them as well.

Kanika Parashar, Bangalore

Since I love to sew, when I saw the dashed line on this cup, I knew it was for me as it reminds me of a stitch line. The design is minimalistic goodness and a true treasure in my collection of cups and mugs as its a reflection of what I do professionally as well.

Priyanka Jayanth, Bangalore