The charm of the honey drizzler and how to use it


Honey dippers are a part of your kitchen essentials. They are called honey dippers, honey wands, honey swoops...

They come in glass, ceramic , wood, stainless steel, silicon or even plastic. I would choose a wooden dipper simply because there's less chance of it chipping while you twist it.


Honey dippers are designed to lift fluids with high viscosity. the viscosity gives you time to twist and twirl and pick up honey and move it over your bread or tea cup. That said, they can be used for melted chocolates, syrups, caramel sauce...

But you cannot shake up the drizzler to quicken the flow of honey. It's slow and you must wait patiently till the honey drizzles down. That's why its called a dripper or drizzler.

The shape provides a large surface area to catch the honey.

The LivingClay honey dippers are handcrafted in acacia wood - a hardwood that is moderately heavy with a beautiful colour and grain pattern.

How to use a honey drizzler - Don't make a sticky mess! 

Dip the honey dipper in the honey pot at an angle. Slowly twist the handle of the dipper while lifting the tip out of the honey.

As long as you are twisting, no honey will fall. To release the honey, simply stop twisting and let gravity take over. The honey will slowly be released from the tip and the grooves.


How to clean the dipper after use

Wash the honey dipper with warm water and ensuring that all excess honey is removed. Air dry the dipper before storing it away.

Can you use a spoon instead of a drizzler?

Technically, yes. A spoon will do the job. But a drizzler is designed for the job and so, drizzling honey becomes that much easier and less messier with a drizzler.

You don't want a lump of honey to be dropped on you bread. A spoon will do just that. While a drizzler will help drizzle the honey slowly and steadily helping you the spread the honey evenly.

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