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Often, I am asked how environmentally safe are ceramics. Today we are already witnessing the destructive consequences of plastics and toxic materials. 

Ceramics, however,  is produced with natural materials and can be reused and recycled and if they do end up in landfills,  they do not release harmful toxins into the ground which then end up in our water, ground and even onto our plates and into our bodies. Ceramic tableware, if looked after well  is known to last for generations.

LivingClay stands for thoughtfully designed and well crafted products that are gentle on the planet. We see sustainability in the entire journey of a product from its conceptualisation to the moments when the users use and experience our products.

Three main stages punctuate this journey - ideating, making and experiencing.


Every LivingClay product is purpose driven, has understated and timeless aesthetics and meant to be used and enjoyed and passed down to future generations. That is why we focus on functional tableware that will survive changing trends and become the canvas for the users’ creativity and self-expression. Our ceramicware are the opposite of everything ‘disposable’ or ‘short-lived-trendy” objects.


LivingClay believes in the beauty of honest craftsmanship. All materials like the clay and glazes are locally and ethically sourced and do not contain substances that would be harmful to the makers and users alike. 

The making processes are safe and fair and follow mindfulness and responsibility. To give you an example of a few practices we follow in manufacturing, we ensure that the kiln is at full capacity before every firing. The space in the kiln is planned to avoid accidents and waste of energy.

Packaging is critical for ceramic products and “reuse and reduce” is a principle we follow. Therefore at LivingClay, we use previously used packaging and repurpose it for storage, transit or even for customers.


Our ceramics are food safe, easy to wash and clean, LivingClay ceramic tableware are designed for everyday use making every meal enjoyable helping people to be creative and adopt healthy and mindful food habits.

Let me close with a thought about what Vivenne Westwood, British fashion designer, said  “Buy Less, Choose Well and Make It Last”.


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  • Informative , like the thought behind the pottery – reuse.
    Beautifully crafted pottery with a story behind each piece.

    Shashi Bal

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