Styling bud vases

When styling a bud vase or a cluster of bud vases, start by  giving a little thought to the desired mood and ambience. Will  the arrangement grace a console, radiate amidst a grand feast or kindle romance? Choose vases and blooms with hues and textures that harmonise, weaving a tale of visual poetry.
STEP 1: Gather your bud vases
Bud vases, smaller than centerpiece vases, hold a few stems. You can use votives, candle jars, or small pitchers. How many you need depends on table size and shape. For rectangular tables, place them 3 inches apart along the length, while for round tables, cluster them in the center.
STEP 2: You will need flowers, tools and accessories
While designing a cluster of bud vases approach bud vase design by arranging blooms in each vase individually, incorporating
  • a main flower as a focal point,
  • secondary flowers to add volume (like gypsophila or a small variety of chrysanthemums) and then some stems for height or movement (eucalyptus sprigs or rosemary) and finally
  • accessories like pine cones, tea lights or candles or even a stack of books...

Many follow the rule of odd numbers and so, usually go in for three bud vases or a single one depending on the space.  Nonetheless, pairs of vases also hold appeal, embracing symmetry and a sense of reassurance.  When working with two vases, play with contrasting colors, varying heights, or incorporating a third element like a book, a picture frame, a candle...

Also keep a pair of sharp clippers or scissors to trim the stems. Remember to always trim them at a 45 degree angle allowing them to take in maximum water and giving them a longer life. And the visible part of the stem should not be more than twice the height of the bud vase. 
STEP 3: Get started with the main flower
In each of the vases, gently insert the main flower leaving enough room for the filler flowers. Then use the fillers to make each arrangement fuller. Remember not to add too many fillers that you hide the main flowers. These fillers could also be greens. And finally, the stems to add height and drama is optional.
Once done rotate each vase to check if they all look great from all sides.
STEP 4: Style your collection
Arrange your bud vases with a spacing of 3 to 4 inches, staggered along the table. Step back and assess the collection, ensuring diversity in color and height for both arrangements and vases. Feel free to make adjustments as necessary for optimal display.
Make arrangements to make little nooks get the cosy and creating a relaxing "hygge" ambience - your bathroom countertops, the dining table, your favourite reading corner, the bedside table, the coffee table in your living room or veranda... Above all, enjoy the process as much as you and your guests will enjoy the arrangement later.

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