A Tableau with a mix of vintage and modern on the table


There's something uniquely special about surrounding yourself with pieces that have a history—a story to tell. Each scratch, imperfection, and patina speaks volumes about the journey these objects have taken and the lives they have touched along the way.

You also create a sense of connection to the past while celebrating the present which brings uniqueness to your table decor. It's not about adhering to a specific theme or matching everything perfectly; rather, it's about curating a collection of items that resonate with you on a deeper level.

So, the next time you set the table, consider bringing out those heirloom candlesticks or vintage dishes. Embrace the beauty of imperfection, celebrate the stories behind each piece, and create a dining experience that is both unexpected and deeply personal. After all, life is too short to dine on anything less than a table filled with history, love, and memories.

Here's how I would integrate vintage in a modern table setting

Mixing modern and vintage tableware can create a captivating balance between minimalism and extravagance. Here's how to masterfully set the table with a blend of old-world charm and contemporary elegance:

  • Gather Your Materials: Collect an assortment of tableware including brassware, ceramic vases, flatware, flowers, silverware, LivingClay serve ware, etched glassware (these always spark admiration among guests and lend an air of refinement), and perhaps your grandmother’s cherished china set and hand embroidered napkins that are cherished heirlooms today.
  • One Tone, Different Textures: Select items in a cohesive colour palette while embracing various textures, patterns, and motifs. For instance, combine ivory LivingClay dinner plates with glossy Noritake soup plates featuring delicate pastel florals.
  • Lay it Out: Start with the basics - arrange dinner plates followed by soup plates (mine can double up as salad plates too), and place etched wine glasses on the right side alongside your chosen flatware. Keep it structured yet inviting. 

Note: Even if I'm serving just fresh juice or a soft drink, I still use my etched wine glasses (that were a wedding gift from a French friend of mine. It's always good to drink from an elegant looking glass!

  • Enjoy Decorating: Enhance the table with decorative accents while maintaining a sense of balance of the old and the new. I opt for a low LivingClay bud vase for unobstructed conversation across the table, complemented by old brass candle holders that add a touch of gleam. I then integrate LivingClay serveware to tie everything together seamlessly. You could use small decorative accents in wood, silver or brass along the centre of the table for creating a visual interest. You might have napkins that belonged to you grandma. Add lots of greens and flowers to bring nature to the table.

By blending the old with the new, you create a captivating tableau that seamlessly merges modern sophistication with vintage allure. Let each element tell a story, igniting conversations and memories around the table.

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