L'art de la Table in the contemporary world


"L'Art de la Table" is deeply rooted in French culture, epitomizing the savoir-vivre, or the art of living. Its origins can be traced back to the refined dining customs and etiquettes that were prevalent in French aristocratic society during the 15th century. The French aristocracy placed great importance on the aesthetics and elegance of dining, giving rise to the elaborate traditions and "rules" associated with "L'Art de la Table."

It beautifully intertwines with the concept of togetherness, presenting a tableau where the essence of shared moments is heightened through aesthetic and culinary mastery. 

When we gather around a meticulously set table, adorned with carefully chosen linens, gleaming tableware, and elegant centerpieces, we set the stage for a communion that goes beyond the act of eating. It's an invitation to connect, converse, and cherish each other's company. It's a timeless reminder that the heart of any feast is not just the food but the cherished companionship that graces the table.

However, "Art de la Table" has evolved, shedding its historical extravagance for a contemporary essence. It's no longer the opulence of Napoleon or Louis XIV but a symbol of sincere effort in setting a table for a delightful meal. 

 The contemporary interpretation of "Art de la Table" embraces a fusion of tradition and modernity, offering a canvas for creativity and personal expression. The traditional codes of table setting, once rigid and defined, have evolved into a dynamic realm where design, innovation, and personal style take centre stage. Today we find hosts experimenting with new shapes, and themes, challenging conventional norms. It's an artistic exploration of aesthetics that allows for a unique and personalized ambiance, reflecting the personality and taste of the guests and hosts alike.


In fact, why limit it to the table. Even a simple tray with tea ware and a bunch of beautifully arranged blooms can make your tea time really special.

It's all about mindful simplicity, a blend of practicality and aesthetics, infusing every meal or tea time or snack time with an understated elegance that mirrors our modern sensibilities. 

So here's to beautiful table settings and tablescapes and great conversations.

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