Get your home spring/summer ready

After enduring the winter months, it is time to emerge from hibernation and embrace the warmth of spring and summer. With the right preparations, your home can become a haven for enjoyment as the sunshine graces us. Here are some top tips to prepare your home for the upcoming warmer months.

Invite in Fresh Air and Light: As the temperature rises and the air becomes fresher, open your windows to allow a refreshing breeze to permeate your living spaces. Take advantage of the warmer weather to clean your windows, allowing natural light to illuminate your home. Consider swapping heavier curtains for lighter alternatives or blinds to create a brighter, more airy atmosphere.

Embrace greenery and floral arrangements at home: Inject life and vibrancy into your home with plants and flowers. Cultivate indoor flowers to bask in the increased sunlight, or bring blooming branches and blooms from your garden indoors. Extend the floral theme throughout your home with touches like floral quilts, botanical decor, or artificial plants for those seeking a low-maintenance alternative.

Spring Cleaning Ritual: Post-winter, your home may have accumulated excess belongings. After festive seasons like Christmas and Easter, indulge in a thorough spring cleaning. Review items in your cupboards and wardrobes, declutter, and experience the refreshing feeling of a tidy home. Contribute to the environment by donating unwanted items to charity shops and recycling bulky items responsibly.

Furniture Reshuffling: Embrace the sense of renewal that spring brings by rearranging your furniture. Experiment with layouts to discover what works best for you. Feel free to adapt to changing seasons. Move furniturecapture the best sunlight during the height of summer or explore new pieces to create cleaner, more organized spaces.

Revitalize with colours and refresh your textiles: Depart from darker colour schemes and let your home reflect the vibrancy of the season. Spring is an opportune time for DIY projects, allowing your home to breathe and welcome the outdoors. Draw inspiration from the warm temperatures and nature's foliage by incorporating bright colours or earthy tones into your home. Consider painting fences, trellises, and furniture to add a splash of colour to your garden.

Switch to cooler lighter food: Get ready for the spring and summer seasons by shifting to lighter and more refreshing meals. Choose cool, light recipes to fully embrace the warmer weather and maintain a refreshing feel. Explore our website for a selection of recipes that perfectly align with the cool and revitalizing vibe of the season.             


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Ending this post on a beautiful quote I came across:
"Spring: A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be"
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