Building a cheese platter


If you're craving for some "good stuff" and don't feel like getting down to some cooking on a weekend,,,,, No! you don't choose Swiggy, Instead you go for a cheese board.

It literally takes 10 fun filled minutes to curate one with least effort. And looks awesome!

So here goes!

For starters, you will need a cheese board or many cheese boards (if each one wants to curate his own) and why not!

First, the cheeses - must be a rich mix of textures (soft to hard), colours and strengths.

I love to pick from @kodaicheese

And then, all the "side kicks"

to make the board look like a "hot mess"

- breads and crackers. Usually light and water based

- veggies and crudités like carrots, cucumbers and olives. They add the crunch factor

-fresh fruit for sweetness (keep it seasonal)

-nuts like almonds and pistachios

-dips and spreads like chutneys or hummus, honey

-use herbs like rosemary or parsley as garnish

And you have a stunning cheese board ready for a party for two three or more. And finally don't forget  a good wine to go with.



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