Brandied cherries


You will need:

Ripened and pitted cherries, 1 cup

Water, ½ cup

Sugar, ½ cup

Brandy, ½ cup

Star anise & cloves, 2 -3


  1. Add sugar, star anise and cloves to the water and bring to a boil. Simmer till all the sugar dissolves and the syrup has thickened and reduced a little.

  2. Add the cherries to the syrup. 

  3. Finally add the brandy to the syrup with cherries.

  4. Allow to cool and pour the whole into a clean glass jar with an airtight lid.

Store in the refrigerator for two days and the cherries will be ready to serve in cocktails, on milkshakes and ice creams, boozy pancakes, waffles and desserts if you wish.

Bon appetit!

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